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Made by us. Custom designs, shapes, sizes and  fills. Together, we’ll make cushions and pillows perfectly comfortable!

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What we do

We specialise in making comfort.

Cushion inners, pillows & sofa backs in custom shapes, sizes, fills and more.

Shapes and Sizes

Let’s keep this simple! You can order cushions and pillows in any shape or size you desire!

  • Custom shapes
  • Custom sizes


It’s your cushion, so your fill is your choice! Select fibre for a lightweight cushion or go for the luxury of a supportive memory foam chip fill. You can blend fills to get the best of both worlds.

Pure Fills

Choose a Pure Fill for a fill of 100% of the same quality material.

  • Fibre – polyester
  • Memory Foam chip
  • Duck Feather
Blended Fills

Blend any combination of Pure Fills. Popular blends are:

  • Duck Feather and Fibre
  • Memory Foam Chip and Fibre
  • Duck Feather and Memory Foam chip
Proprietary Blends

We can even create a proprietary blend so you can provide you customers with a guaranteed standard fill every time!


Love your cushions luxurious with long lasting plumpness? Our options allow you to customise your cushions for even more comfort.

Duvet Wrapped Cushions
  • Super luxurious. The ulitimate in support and comfort.
  • A foam core is wrapped in a case filled with our feather/fibre blend or pure feather.
  • A wrapped foam core cushion has firmness and support from the foam and softness and comfort from the fill
    • Baffles ensure even distribution of fill and help to maintain that plump look
    Sofa Backs
    • Sofa backs need to withstand years of use, making foam and baffles ideal for furniture

    high density foam cushions

    Looking for a top quality foam cushion squab? We can help there too! Our team of specialist pattern makers, cutters, sewing and upholstery specialists can cover high density foam in a gorgeous fabric of your choice.

    • Wrap around cushions
    • Contoured cushions
    • Moulded cushions
    • Fabric from NZ’s top fabric houses

    Disposable Pillows

    Made with non woven ticking and 100% polyester fill, our disposable pillows are economical and practical. They are ideal pillows for healthcare and beauty industries where hygiene and avoiding cross contamination are priorities.

    • Cost effective
    • Reduce risk of cross contamination
    • Clinical facilities such as hospitals medical practices, physios, chiropractors
    • Residential care or rest homes
    • Beauty salons, massage therapists
    • Available in custom shapes and sizes including tri pillows
    Close up of button headboard with white and pink pillows

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