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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you manage large orders?

Absolutely! We are used to managing large volumes and have specialist equipment such as laser cutters which means we can cut multiple inners at once. Also, larger orders require less set up for us so we can offer sharper prices for bigger volumes.

Can I order a small quantity of cushions?

As we manufacture all our cushions and pillows to your specifications, it is not a problem to supply small volumes.

I need a large volume of cushions, but I don’t want to store them.

We don’t have a storage facility however as we manufacture to order, with enough lead time, we can make your order to be ready when you need it.  

how do i measure my cushion cover?

Turn your cushion cover inside out. Measure from seam to seam to get the length and width. If your cushion has a border measure this from seam to seam to get the depth. We make our cushion inners slightly larger so when they are inserted into your cover they have a beautiful luxurious feel and appearance.

Can I order cushions or pillows that are not standard sized?

We can make pillows and cushion inners of any shape or size and with any combination of fill. Call us to discuss your measurements and fill requirements.  

How long will my cushions stay plump and puffy?

There are lots of factors that influence how plump and puffy your cushions remain. How often a cushion is used, the type of fill and the case design all play a factor. Memory foam, for example will retain its shape longer than fibre. We offer options like foam core inners and baffling which will extend the life of a cushion.

I want to be able to fill my cushions with a specific fill

We fill our pillows with fibre, feather and memory foam as well as any blend of these. See our Cushions and Pillows page for more information. We can advise you on the best fill for your use and because we custom make your cushions or pillows, we can fill them to your specifications.


Do you make cushions that are an unusual shape?

We are used to crafting unique creations for customers who want something special. We have expert pattern makers and sewing teams who can make inners any shape or size you desire.  

Can you make my cushion covers?

We certainly can! You can choose fabric from NZ’s top fabric houses or supply your own.

Can you vacuum pack my order for shipping?

Yes we can, but be aware that vac-packing may impact the cushion feel once they are released from the vacuum.

Can you deliver?

We can deliver smaller orders in the metro Auckland area. There will be a delivery fee dependent on the location. For large orders, we can arrange with our or your own preferred carrier to collect from our factory and deliver to your location.