Bulk Fill

Soft fills – Fibre, Feather, Memory Foam Chip, Foam Chip and Blends.

Choose from our quality pure fills or a blended fill, perfect for your project whether big or small. Made in NZ.

We supply quality soft fills, made right here in NZ  in 10kg bags. Perfect for so many uses, whether you are a commercial or educational organisation or working on a project of your own.

Pure Fills

Choose a Pure Fill for 100% of the same quality material.

  • Fibre – polyester
  • Memory Foam chip
  • Foam Chips
  • Duck Feather
Blended Fills

Blend a combination of Pure Fills.

  • Duck Feather and Fibre
  • Memory Foam Chip and Fibre
  • Foam Chip and Fibre
Proprietary Blends

We can even create a proprietary blend so you can provide you customers with a guaranteed standard fill every time!

Pure Fills

Polyester Fibre

Memory foam chip in clear cube

Memory Foam Chip

Shredded memory foam

Foam Chip

Memory foam chip in clear cube


Loose feathers

Blended Fills

Fibre/Memory Foam

Memory foam chip in clear cube


Memory foam chip in clear cube


Shredded foam and polyester fibre mixed

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